Fellowship & Entrepreneur-in-residence scheme

Xhealth Fellowship/Entrepreneur-in-residence is for individuals who have Ph.D. or Post Graduate or 6+ years of corporate experience and are not sure if they are ready for their start-up journey. Entrepreneur in Residence Programme is to provide enthusiastic individuals the chance to learn best practices for starting a business and also, give them an insight into specific industries or markets

1What is expected out of an Entrepreneur-in-residence
Xhealth incubates idea in the healthcare sector alongside Idea Innovation Factory, a venture studio based in London. At Xhealth, we believe in helping amazing founders with disruptive ideas build successful next gen companies. As part of our commitment to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we are launching our ‘Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) program, a 3-month program that provides access, connect, and workspace to promising high potential founders. This is our way of recognizing and investing time and resources to help entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of working on a new idea. We strongly believe that the working environment plays a key role in fostering creativity and innovation. With this in mind, we have created our fellowship program, a dynamic, participatory, and a fully equipped space, that has the power to both inspire and energize. The EIR program participants will have full access to work out of Respace and will also be included in invite-only roundtables and events on some of the latest topics of interest to startups. We are selective and have limited space in the EIR program. If you are a dynamic entrepreneur working on the early stages of an idea, reach out to us.
2What are we looking for ?
You have an affinity with or a background in healthcare or a related field; you have a good understanding of innovation and technology in the field; At least a Bachelor’s degree/Post-graduate(preferred) in a relevant field; Fluent in English, written and spoken; 5-10 years of relevant work experience in your industry/sector and/or product development experience. You live in Bangalore, or are in the position to move on short notice.
3What traits you should have to be a good EiR?
1. A great teammate: you flourish when you work in a competent and harmonious team. Your fellow co-founder is your partner in crime. 2. Entrepreneurial drive: recognizing market opportunities and considering them in a businesslike manner. You’re open, curious, investigative and you have a positive mindset. You’re willing to take on the role of pioneer and explore unknown avenues to achieve business advantage; 3. Drafting and executing plans: hands-on and experience in handling projects independently is what defines you. You’re decisive and willing to act, but are always maintaining flexibility to adapt plans according to new insights, changing circumstances, tasks, responsibilities and people. 4.Networking: you’re naturally strong at building and maintaining relationships with partners and customers; you’re a people’s person and have excellent social skill to make affective use of informal networks; 5.Results oriented: you’re passionate about achieving tangible results and are driven to find the right business model for the venture. You know how to engage partners, listen to potential customers and translate this into successful business. 6.Self-development: you have the ability reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, and you initiate activities that further develop your own knowledge, skills and competences. 7.Resilient: you’re resilient, determined and passionate about your work, and you continue to perform effectively when facing time-pressure, adversity, disappointment and opposition; 8.Analytically strong: you’re a start at identifying problems; recognizing significant information; making connections between data; tracing possible causes of problems; investigating relevant data