Xhealth Innovation Labs supports the growth and development of early-stage companies focused on improving healthcare and healthcare delivery.

Access to Capital - We invest in each company we select for participation, but the true value is the mentorship and networking provided by the programs. The financial investment is a small part of the overall program. Some companies need funding in order to participate in the program, while many others have already raised significant amounts of capital. Typically, the financial investment is less important to our participant companies than the access and feedback the program provides. The more significant investment we make in our companies is time. We believe that the companies selected for the program have created (or will create) meaningful solutions to challenges in the healthcare industry. We invest the time and energy of stakeholders across the health system to advance the development of products that we believe will improve care and care delivery.

Global Mentorship & Investment Network - Twice each year, we run a 12 week program in virtual/in-person(Bangalore, India). Our next program will kick off in October 2020. During this time, we open every door at Xhealth Innovation Labs to our participant companies, giving them access to insight and mentorship from end-users, stakeholders, and decision-makers relevant to their company. To apply to the Xhealth Innovation Labs, start by filling out an application form. The most promising companies go through interviews with our accelerator staff as well as our health system leadership, ensuring that there is interest in, and excitement for participant companies from the entire organization. Most of the founders in every company we accept are commit for the duration of the three-month program. During those three months, founders are paired with relevant mentors, both from Xhealth Innovation Labs and external organizations, and work to gather feedback and iterate their product or business to incorporate it. Many companies spend significant amounts of time in the hospital, shadowing end users and understanding their day-to-day workflow. Companies receive feedback on their business model, value proposition, and product-market fit, and are offered a variety of perspectives from across our mentor network. They also have access to our technical team to receive expert advice on technical infrastructure and integration with other IT systems.

Virtual office hours/fireside chats/International demo day - In addition to mentoring and collaboration with Xhealth Innovation Labs, companies are also able to participate in various other lectures and workshops, primarily focused on topics relating to healthcare or entrepreneurship. We bring in speakers from a variety of backgrounds to share their expertise. We also hold weekly evening meetings where all companies in a class are able to share their successes and challenges, and support each other in setting and achieving ambitious goals. At the end of the program, we host an international virtual (*as per COVID-19 restrictions) Demo Day where all participant companies can present their work to an invited group of investors, potential customers, mentors and press.

Technology sits at the core of everything we build at Xhealth Innovation Labs. We focus on Digital Healthcare, Medical Device Diagnostics and tech driven healthcare start-ups.

Healthcare Innovation is hard.
We understand this and available to support you with our capital, network and access to markets.

Healthcare is complex, and building a successful company in the healthcare industry takes more than a great idea. At Xhealth, we seek to help healthcare entrepreneurs by giving them mentorship, guidance, and support to help them develop and scale innovative companies. Our goal is to accelerate the development of the next generation of companies who will transform care at Xhealth Innovation Labs and beyond. There is no better way to navigate the complexities of working in healthcare than to get hands-on experience in an active health system environment. By spending three months embedded in a large medical center, companies we work with gain a deeper understanding of the context and environment of their potential customers.

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Seed Incubator Program

Xhealth Innovation SEED Incubator program is perfect for early stage companies which are pre-market/pre-team. You have an idea, build a core team or looking for launchpad for your start-up, Xhealth SEED can help you prepare for your next level.

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Infinity Acceleration Program

You have build the MVP, have few interested clients, customers have started liking your product. Now what ? We have answer to that. Xhealth INFINITY acceleration is about scaling up. Selected companies will get higher capital infusion with one to one mentoring. Open access to our global mentorship and investor network. We provides expertise and guidance to promising early stage medtech and digital health companies as they collaborate with Xhealth Innovation Labs to rapidly iterate and scale innovative technology solutions.

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Legend Corporate Innovation Program

Xhealth Legend is all about corporate's access to open innovation. Xhealth portfolio companies are building for future. Corporate can partner/sponsor verticals/sub-verticals and access to discoveries bridging the research and development gap. Xhealth has a dedicated team of experts working with corporate partners.

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Fellowship Program/ Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Fellowship program allows you to build the future product while working as full-time employee with Xhealth innovation labs. As an EiR/Fellowship member, you will focus on ensuring that early-stage companies are achieving the greatest value from the program and Xhealth Innovation network at large. With extensive knowledge of the digital health landscape and creative thinking, you will work with entrepreneurs to deeply understand their strategy, product, market, and aspirations in order to deliver a results-focused experience.

Global Mentor &
Investor Network

Launching on 28 July 2020

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Global Mentor & Investor Network app is our in-house developed mobile app that provides virtual support to our portfolio companies and our partners. Non-portfolio companies can download the app to get the latest notifications about our events, research reports and free content.